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3 Sunglasses Trends To Look Out For Spring/Summer 2023

Fashion month across New York, Paris, Milan, and London has since ended, leaving us with a glimpse of what's to come for Spring/Summer 2023.

Clothing trends are not the only thing to look out for during the various events held across the globe's top fashion capitals. The runways and streets also reveal accessories, jewelry, and beauty trends.

As I scrolled through social media and the web browsing street style shots from fashion month, I couldn't help but notice three particular eyewear styles that stood out again and again amongst fashion week goers.

Here are 3 sunglasses styles you should look out for this coming Spring/Summer of 2023.

1. Chunky & Bold

Loewe's inflated sunglasses took over the streets of fashion month in September. These chunky inflated sunglasses were an eye-catching statement on their own. Fashion week goers could be seen rocking these stylish eye candy in various bold colours from white, red, and yellow. While the inflated cat-eye sunnies seemed to be a hit, we may see more of the inflated rectangle in spring/summer 2023.

via IG | @amiraavainquer

via POPSUGAR | Shot by Darrell Hunter

via IG | @awedbymoni

2. Oversized Retro

Year after year, we tend to see the re-emergence of trends inspired by a particular decade in time. Another hit in the streets of fashion week was these oversized retro frames. Retro frames are an ode to the 70s, in which oversized aviator-wire style frames with colour-tinted lenses were extremely popular. While we may see an explosion of these next spring/summer, this is a style you can actually rock now.

via Refinery29 | Shot by Flordalis Espinal

via Refinery29 | Shot by Flordalis Espinal

via Refinery29 | Shot by Flordalis Espinal

3. Sporty Vibes

Do you know those glasses you'd most likely wear to skiing or biking? Yes, those took over the streets of fashion week too. Mainstream fashion has slowly embraced sporty eyewear. These 90s-inspired frames have taken on a more stylish and often futuristic look on the streets with unique shapes and reflective lenses.

via Refinery29 | Shot by Flordalis Espinal

via POPSUGAR | Shot by Darrell Hunter

via POPSUGAR | Shot by Darrell Hunter

Ready to rock these sunglasses style this fall? Opt for your favourite and pair it with some leather. Need some inspo? Check out 6 Stylish Ways To Style Leather Pants For Fall.





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