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Women's Fall Shoes Round-Up: Top 5 Favourites for 2022

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Is it just me, or are the days getting shorter and colder? As summer slowly fades and fall styling is in full swing, I thought I would share a round-up of my top 5 favourite fall shoes. Although I am a spring/summer person, I adore fall because it inspires creativity when it comes to dressing and styling.

Looking for fall shoe inspiration to add to your closet or pair with your favourite fall clothes? Look no further! The following round-up of women's fall shoes includes styles that are both classic and trendy that you can rock day or night.

Women's Fall Shoes Round-Up: Top 5 Favourites for 2022

1. Chunky Loafers

SHOP IT (From left to right): Aldo Shoes ($84.99), H&M ($49.99), Call It Spring ($64.99)

Chunky loafers are the perfect summer-to-fall transitional shoes. Not only are chunky loafers stylish but they are practical and can elevate any casual look.

2. Chelsea Boots

SHOP IT (From left to right): H&M ($59.99), Steve Madden ($140), Zara ($79.90)

Chelsea boots are normally everyday go-to boots in the fall due to their timeless look, slip-on and comfort. What I love most about these boots is their distinct character added by their elastics. Some brands have even been playing up on the classic Chelsea boot design with a more fitted "sock"


3. Dr. Martens Boots

SHOP IT (From left to right): Free People ($245), ($280)

Dr. Martens' boots are a cold-weather classic. Docs are super durable, and if taken care of a pair can last up to 5 years or more. Though Dr. Martens' boots typically take some time to break into they tend to be comfortable and great for walking.

4. Knee-high Leather Boots

SHOP IT (From left to right): Call It Spring ($109.99), Aldo Shoes ($84.98), Steve Madden ($110)

I absolutely adore knee-high and thigh-high boots. These boots tend to have a stylish and sexy element to them plus the perfect pair of knee-high boots can take you from day to night. Knee-highs are also a fall staple and are much needed when you want to pull out your favourite skirt or dress in the fall.

5. Heeled Ankle Boots

SHOP IT (From left to right): H&M ($59.99), ($180), Zara ($149)

Heeled ankle boots are another fall favourite that is perfect for almost any occasion. You can often find heeled ankle boots in various styles and from block heels to skinny ones.

Final Thoughts

Changing weather can make figuring out what to wear a challenge. My number one tip for looking your best throughout the fall is to play with layers, and get creative while rocking comfortable and stylish shoes.





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