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Welcome To Sole Style Fix

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

About Sole Style Fix

What is Sole Style Fix (SSF)?

Sole Style Fix (SSF) is an online platform and blog created by style enthusiast Shanice Williams. Women who seek to discover and express their authentic selves will find style, fashion, and lifestyle content at

What purpose does SSF serve?

Who is SSF for?

What is SSF’s mission?

What to Expect

Thank you for visiting Sole Style Fix! I am excited to start this journey and share with you a huge interest and passion of mine.

At Sole Style Fix, you can discover informative and inspirational content such as:

  • Style, wardrobe and shopping guides

  • Style tips/hacks/inspiration

  • Fashion trends

  • Fashion industry updates/trends/info

  • Sustainability tips/trends

  • and more!

Ready to discover your inner-essence and transcend your style with confidence? Subscribe to Sole Style Fix now to unlock style tips to help you streamline and level up your closet.





Discover style, wardrobe, fashion and lifestyle content. It's time to transcend your style with confidence!

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